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Explore advanced training in robotic surgery and fellowship opportunities led by Dr. Vikrant, offering specialized expertise and mentorship


No wars are fought without proper armory. Likewise no advanced surgeries can be done without proper infrastructure and equipments. At our hospital we have fully equipped state of art operation theater with double screen for better learning and vision for laparoscopic surgeries. All advanced energy sources be it harmonic, ligasure , bipolar cut Erbe cautery , you name it we have it . And above all we have patience to teach every step we do to ensure you learn the best technique for all procedures.


SARVSHRESHTHA Laparoscopic Training believes in “To teach is to learn“. We understand the hardships faced by young surgeons and gynaecologists who struggle to get a good opportunity to learn the art of Laparoscopic surgery. Acquiring laparoscopic surgical skills is not difficult if you have a dedicated mentorship. Just by seeing and assisting, one can acquire significant confidence in minimally invasive surgeries. If someone is there to guide you through each and every minutest of steps, this journey becomes way easier.

We have a comprehensive training module affliated with Galaxy Care Laparoscopic institute , Pune, for 6 months and 7 months for the surgeons and gynaecologists interested in advanced laparoscopic surgery.

We ensures monthly exposure of around 60 – 80 cases that a fellow will observe or assist. This will include complete teaching starting from basics of laparoscopy to advanced teachings and procedure. The fellows have to undergo basic training on endotrainer to develop a basic hand eye co ordination. The fellows will be assisting the team members in advanced cases like Bariatric Surgeries and Laparoscopic Oncosurgeries and later on doing them in parts and under supervision.

Hands on training for common cases like laparoscopic cholecystectomy, ventral hernia, laparoscopic appendicectomy, total laparoscopic hysterectomy is given. The vision is to see our students operate independently but keeping in mind the Principles of safe laparoscopy.

We have formulated various courses for the same.

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6 Months programme for general surgeons and gynaecologist during which the candidates will be taught basics of laparoscopy and exposure of around 50 to 60 cases per month. The trainees will be posted at meenakshi hospital, kaushambi and will be provided with endotrainers sessions, assisting basic and advanced Laparoscopic surgeries and hands on training.

Certificate for the same will be provided signed by world renowned laparoscopic oncosurgeon and Mentor of thousands of surgeons and gynaecologists around the globe Dr Shailesh Puntambekar , Medical Director , Galaxy Care Laparoscopic institute, Pune

7 Months programme for general surgeons and gynaecologist during which the initial 4 months the trainee will be posted at Meenakshi Hospital and learn basics of laparoscopic surgery and assisting basic and advanced laparoscopic surgeries. Then for 3 months the trainee will be posted at Galaxy Care Laparoscopic Institute under Dr Shailesh Puntambekar performing necessary duties as per hospital requirements. ( fooding and lodging will be bear by trainee, no stipend shall be paid to trainee) For Course fee Contact: 8053436989

Customized procedure based course for selective procedures like Total laparoscopic hysterectomy , lap cholecystectomy etc

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Most popular and trending Questions

How does robotic surgery compare to traditional (open) surgery and laparoscopic surgery?

Robotic surgery offers advantages over traditional open surgery and laparoscopic surgery by providing enhanced precision, dexterity, and visualization, while also reducing incision size and patient recovery time

The benefits of robotic surgery include improved surgical outcomes, reduced pain and scarring, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recovery. However, there are potential risks such as longer operating times, costs, and technical limitations

Robotic technology can be used for a wide range of surgical procedures across various specialties, including urology, gynecology, general surgery, and cardiothoracic surgery

Robotic surgery enhances precision by offering 3D visualization, wristed instruments that mimic hand movements, and tremor filtration, while also minimizing invasiveness through smaller incisions

Surgeons undergo specialized training and certification to perform robotic procedures, which includes simulation training, proctoring, and hands-on experience under supervision

Robotic surgery can lead to shorter hospital stays, reduced pain, faster recovery, and improved cosmetic outcomes for patients, resulting in overall better outcomes compared to traditional surgery

The cost of robotic surgery includes expenses related to equipment, maintenance, and training, which may be higher than traditional surgical approaches. However, the potential benefits may outweigh the costs in terms of improved outcomes and reduced complications

Advancements in robotic surgical technology include improved imaging capabilities, ergonomic enhancements for surgeons, integration with artificial intelligence, and miniaturization of robotic platforms

Challenges in robotic surgery include high costs, limited availability in some regions, technical complexities, and the need for ongoing training and maintenance.

The future of robotic surgery holds promise for continued innovation and advancement, with potential developments in remote surgery, telesurgery, nanorobotics, and personalized surgical approaches

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