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Head & Neck Surgery

Head & neck surgery is a term used for various surgical interventions that are performed to address and treat the conditions affecting structures found within the head and neck. These include the mouth, throat, glands and sinuses. Such surgeries can be performed using the conventional approach or by following a minimally invasive technique.

Common head and neck surgeries

  • Thyroid surgery
  • Salivary gland surgery
  • Head and neck reconstructive surgery
  • Robotic head & Neck surgery
  • Head and neck cancer surgery

Who needs head and neck surgery?

Head & Neck Surgery aims at diagnosis, treating and managing a wide range of diseases, ailments and malignancies that develop within the head and neck. The option is reserved for patients who have severe symptoms that are not responding to medication and therapy. In cancer, surgery is usually recommended during the initial stages, when the cancer is still localized.